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Connecting via API

Optilogic provides a uniform, easy to use way to connect to your models and embed optimization and simulation in any application that can make an API call.

API Access

With a free account you have access to our API capabilities to build and deploy custom solutions.

API Calls

There are a number of calls that you will need to make to fully automate the use of optimization and simulation in your models. Below you will find more information on how to go about this task.


For full API documentation see our Optilogic API Documentation. From this page you will be able to view detailed API documentation and live test code within your account.


First, to use any API call you must be authenticated. One authenticated you will be provided with an API key that remains active for an hour. If your API key expires you will be required to re-authenticate to acquire a new key.


The Account API section of calls allows you to lookup your account information such as username, email, how many concurrent solves you have access to, and the number of workspaces in your account.


The Workspace API section of calls allows you to lookup information about a specific workspace. You can look up the workspace by name, obtaining a list of files in the workspace as well as a list of jobs associated with the models of that workspace.


The Job API section of calls allows you to view information relating to jobs in the system. Each time you execute a model solve, the Optilogic back end solver system, Andromeda, will spawn a new job to handle the request. The API call to start a job will return a key with which you can lookup information about that job, even after it has completed. With these API calls you can get any job’s status, start a new job, or delete a particular job.


The Files API section of calls allows you to interact with the files of a given workspace. Each model is made up of a collection of files (mainly code and data files). With these calls you can copy, delete, upload or download any file of in a specified workspace.

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