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Service Level Verification

Identify where, when, and how to prevent service failures

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Supply Chain Simulation

What Is Service Level Verification?

Service level verification is the process of ensuring all service level agreements promised to customers are being met throughout the supply chain. Service levels may meet goals on average or in aggregate but can vary drastically day by day and customer by customer. Unlike other methods, Cosmic Frog simulation enables supply chain design analysts to study service at a granular level.

Cosmic Frog Identifies Service Problems and Shows You How to Correct them

Understand impacts of supply chain design decisions on service down to the customer order level

Identify where and why poor service occurs

Evaluate methods to improve service

Understand a Range of Service Level Outcomes

Because Cosmic Frog is 100% SaaS-based, you can run multiple simulations simultaneously to efficiently evaluate items including:

  1. Proposed or recommended supply chain design changes such as adjustments in policy, network footprint, or capacity
  2. Cascading effects of extreme events/supply chain disruptions
  3. The impact of variability in the supply chain (e.g., in customer order behavior, lead times, processing times, etc.).

Improve Business Policies

Use simulation to identify business policies that effectively balance cost, service, and risk. Explore a broad range of business policy configurations, identify a set of top contenders, then evaluate the selected candidate policies at a granular level to explore the nuance, specific impact, and risk of each option. You have the freedom to define what makes a policy effective based on how you prioritize service, cost, and risk.

Get to the Root of Poor Service

Use detailed simulation results to evaluate service level performance in a time-phased manner and determine when, where, and how poor service occurs in your supply chain, down to the order level.

Trace symptoms of supply chain inefficiencies

  • Backlog
  • Expanding queues of work
  • Lack of inventory

Identify root causes

  • Lack of capacity
  • Long processing or lead times

Generate ideas for incremental supply chain design improvement

IQ Summary

Cosmic Frog Analyzes 1000s of Future-State Supply Chain Scenarios in Minutes

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Cosmic Frog Service Level Verification Features

Discrete event simulation

Describe your operations and simulate supply chain performance at a granular level. Modeling detailed processes and logic enables you to understand sources of inefficiency in your operations and evaluate how various mitigation strategies will impact the supply chain. Detailed simulation outputs enable you to calculate custom performance metrics. Customizable policies and logic enable accurate modeling of complex processes to maximize the benefits of simulation modeling.


With cloud-based computing, you can model variability and run multiple replications of the simulation to observe its impact on supply chain performance without tying up local computing power.  

Cost, service, and risk analysis

Every simulation run provides cost, service, and risk insights and produces service outputs in multiple levels of detail. Narrow your focus to specific service levels by analyzing reports at the customer -order, customer-product, customer, and network levels.

Report service by customer order, customer-product, customer, and network and drill into specific areas of your supply chain as needed. Our genetic algorithm lets users specify prioritization between cost and service and compare the risks associated with a large set of candidate policies.

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