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Optimize Your Supply Chain Network and Say Goodbye to the Facility Location Problem

When planning for new facilities or market expansion, reducing transportation expenses and emissions without sacrificing customer service is a tricky problem to solve. The solution? Cosmic Frog’s Intelligent Greenfield analysis.

What Is Greenfield Analysis (GFA)?

Greenfield analysis (GFA) helps determine optimal locations for production facilities and distribution centers. Using Cosmic Frog, It streamlines supply chain network design by identifying a central location within easy reach of high-yield customers.

Also called center of gravity analysis, greenfield analysis is an essential tool for any supply chain network and is commonly used as a fast method for narrowing down site locations prior to traditional network design.

This supply chain analysis tool optimizes your distribution center layout so that you can minimize transportation costs, safeguard the supply chain against potential disruptions, and maintain excellent customer service.

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Intelligent Greenfield Analysis: Your Starting Point for Optimal Supply Chain Design

Greenfield analysis answers questions like:

  • How many distribution centers does the supply chain need?
  • Where should we place our distribution centers to minimize transportation costs?
  • Which locations would make our supply chain least vulnerable to potential disruptions?
  • How do we achieve these new initiatives without sacrificing customer service?

No More Guessing at Center of Gravity on Spreadsheets

Trying to pick a center of gravity facility location with spreadsheets is tedious and time-consuming. Using Cosmic Frog’s intelligent logistics network optimization tools create a more accurate center of gravity optimization model in a fraction of the time it takes to weed through a complex spreadsheet.

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Intelligent Greenfield Analysis Runs 80% Faster in Cosmic Frog
of greenfield analysis models outperformed competitor models
outperformed competitor model run times by an average of 80%

“We use Optilogic Intelligent Greenfield analysis to achieve cost and service optimization for current and future market growth scenarios.”

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What Can Optilogic Intelligent Greenfield Analysis Do for Your Supply Chain Design?

Optilogic’s Intelligent Greenfield Analysis offers capabilities above and beyond traditional greenfield analysis tools. You can:

Model and trade-off fixed facility and transport cost

Specify a fixed opening cost for new facilities as well as a per-distance transportation cost. This allows the GFA engine to find the optimal number of DCs to minimize your total cost. If transportation costs are relatively low, GFA will open fewer DCs. If transportation is the main cost driver, GFA will open more DCs to reduce the average distance to customer.

Consider multiple service level bands

You may specify a certain portion of customer demand to be served within a certain range. For example, you may specify that 80% of demand must be serviced within 300 miles of a facility, the next 10% within 500 miles, and so on.

Get a risk rating on every greenfield scenario run

Cosmic Frog’s risk engine assigns an OptiRisk score for potential site locations to help you make smart decisions that increase supply chain resilience.

Tackle supply chain restructuring with brownfield analysis

Brownfield models existing facilities to help you determine where to open new additional DCs. Brownfield is useful for restructuring an existing supply chain to account for new customer locations, markets, or mergers. Do both greenfield and brownfield analyses with Cosmic Frog.

Set capacity constraints for both existing and candidate locations

Specify maximum throughput constraints on distribution centers to limit the amount of outgoing flow from each facility. 

Model suppliers

Models without suppliers tend to locate distribution centers too close to dense customer areas. Unlike traditional greenfield analysis solutions, Cosmic Frog allows you to model three layers of your supply chain: Customers, distribution facilities, and suppliers. Modeling suppliers leads to more balanced solutions with distribution centers oriented to the heart of your network.

Define the number of facilities to return

This way you can understand the optimum and specific number of facilities around the optimum by exploring the curve (see image below).

Rapidly autogenerate many candidate locations

Quickly find promising areas for new distribution centers. These candidate locations can then be considered within a network design optimization run with open/close decisions to determine which ones should actually be selected.

How to Build an Intelligent Greenfield Analysis Model with Cosmic Frog

With Cosmic Frog Intelligent Greenfield analysis, you can start with hundreds of potential location candidates and then apply parameters like total distance, demand, access, and supply changes that rapidly narrow your list down to a set of 5-10 geographic locations for detailed consideration.

All you need to map out your ideal production facilities, distribution centers, and warehouse locations is customer location and customer demand–Cosmic Frog Intelligent Greenfield analysis does the rest.

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