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Supply Chain Risk and Resiliency Analysis

Understand, mitigate, and plan for risk—according to your company’s risk culture.

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Cosmic Frog Considers Cost, Service, and Risk in Each Scenario

Cosmic Frog is the only supply chain design solution that considers cost, service, and risk, with an automatic risk rating for every scenario. Evaluate risks related to natural disasters, political instability, supplier disruptions, transportation disruptions, and other issues that could impact the availability of materials, production capacity, or delivery of goods to customers.



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Steps to Supply Chain Risk Analysis with Cosmic Frog

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Identify and Evaluate Risks

The first step in supply chain risk analysis is identifying potential risks. Once complete, Cosmic Frog evaluates those risks according to their likelihood of occurring and their potential impact on the supply chain. 

Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

Identify scenarios that lower risk, maintain the required service levels, and minimize the impact on profitability. This allows you to make data-driven decisions with increased confidence in the robustness and resiliency of changes made to the network structure and policies.

Scenario Comparison for Mergers and Acquistions
Risk Metrics

Monitor and Respond to Risks in Real-Time

Disruptions will occur regardless of your mitigation strategy. Run scenarios and proactively create contingency plans to prepare for any disruption. Identify steps to minimize impact should an identified risk occur.

Cosmic Frog Analyzes 1000s of Future-State Supply Chain Scenarios in Minutes

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“What happens if this node goes down? What happens if this gets delayed? What if… We can set that framework now — with Optilogic we have the ability to look at scenarios at a granular level.”

PECO Pallet, Inc.

Eric Sobanski

SVP Operations,
Peco Pallet

Eric Sobanski

Cosmic Frog Supply Chain Risk and Resiliency Analysis Features

Scenario Planning and Historical Analysis

Run various scenarios, simulating potential outcomes of high-risk events or disruptions. Explore every outcome of your supply chain design with unlimited simulations. Be prepared with contingency plans and backup playbooks when disruptions occur.

Automatic Risk Calculation

Get insight into risk with zero effort. Cosmic Frog includes a risk rating engine with an Opti-Risk score for every scenario you run. Identify and quantify how risks affect your business—both today and years into the future. Your Opti-Risk score is tailored to your unique priorities and risk concerns.

Granular-Level Risk Insights

Optilogic considers risk throughout the network and breaks it all the way down to the granular level. Identify and quantify risks at the Supplier, Facility, Customer, and Network levels. Include external risks like natural disaster events and operational risks like percentage of volume that is single-sourced.

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