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Careers at Optilogic

By creating a 3-in-1 platform that combines optimization, simulation, and risk, we can help build more resilient, efficient supply chains across industries. Together, we’re driving the future of supply chain design.

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Why Work at Optilogic?

Make an impact in supply chain design

Work with super-smart people to solve super-important challenges

Work with ground-breaking technology

Be part of a successful, growing company

Our People and Culture

Our people and culture are hopping – pun intended. We have a diverse demographic with a wide range of skill sets throughout the team. Some of us have spent more than 50 years in the industry, while others are joining us for their first-ever job! You’ll work alongside peers who are passionate, skilled, and excited to prove the value of our next-level supply chain design software, Cosmic Frog.

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Frog-tastic Benefits

Hear from the Team

“I love working in an environment where the people I work with truly care about me as a person. They care about our success as a team and individually.”

Jeremy Blair
Jeremy Blair
Sr. Software Engineer

“I like to work on the Applied Research team at Optilogic because its innovative solutions are the right platforms to leverage my technical skills in operations research and machine learning. Additionally, Optilogic’s international projects and collaborations enable me to continue learning, connect with people from diverse industries, and thrive in a global environment.”

Maxime Jousset
Maxime Jousset
Data Scientist

“My favorite part of my job is learning about supply chains in different industries and countries. And the people – everyone at Optilogic is just. so. great.”

Hannah Neiman
Hannah Neiman
Solution Design Engineer

Current Open Roles

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