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Transportation Route Optimization

Solve routing at scale and automatically apply transportation routes to your network design

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Combined Market Routes

Introducing Hopper: Fast, Automated Transportation Route Optimization with Cosmic Frog

Transportation cost is an increasing component of logistics spend and a significant consideration in supply chain design. Other supply chain design solutions can’t model detailed transportation networks. Optilogic is changing all that with Hopper: fast, powerful transportation route optimization built into the Cosmic Frog supply chain design solution.

With Hopper, you can solve routing at scale and automatically run a transportation analysis as part of your network design project.

Cosmic Frog Hopper Answers Tough Transportation Questions Like These

What are the best routes and modes to minimize cost and maximize service?

How does a new supply chain design change our current delivery strategy?

How can we optimize the use of existing assets?

What service improvements could we get with different routing configurations?

What’s the best carrier offer and costing model to use?

Is it better to ship on a route or ship direct via LTL or parcel?

Should we renegotiate any transportation agreements?

Where should assets be located and what will utilization be?

Hopper Leverages Modeling Data to Deliver the Best Transportation Configuration

Cosmic Frog Model Data

Customer Orders
Transportation Asset Data
Business Rules and Restrictions
Fixed and Variable Costs
Road Distance Data

Cosmic Frog Cloud Solve

Runs hundreds of transportation scenarios in minutes

Best Routes

Combined Market Routes
Transportation Route Summary

It’s Easy to Consider Transportation in Network Design for Big Benefits

Using Cosmic Frog Hopper transportation route optimization software delivers big benefits in cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and improved efficiency and customer service.

  • Lower emissions and transportation cost
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Lower vehicle maintenance costs
  • Faster deliveries, higher service levels
  • Increased capacity utilization
  • Better resource allocation

Cosmic Frog Transportation Route Optimization Demo

See how our template model optimizes both transportation routes and the composition of a fleet.

Top Use Cases for Cosmic Frog Hopper Transportation Route Optimization

Multi-stop Routes for Last Mile Delivery

Hopper will return optimized routes given a set of shipments and vehicles. The objective is to deliver all shipments while minimizing a wide range of costs such as cost per mile, per time, per stop and more.

Fleet Mix Optimization

Hopper identifies the optimal mix of assets to route all of your shipments. It will provide results on which shipments to route on private fleet vehicles such as 53’ or 26’, which carriers to use for each shipment, or to ship direct.

Route vs Direct

Hopper considers direct costs such as LTL or parcel rates for each shipment and decides if it’s more cost efficient to route a given shipment on a multi-stop route or ship direct.

Template Routes

Template routes are used to define your own routes by assigning shipments to a specific route. This can be useful for baselining or to lock part of your transportation network while you optimize the rest.

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