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Supply Chain Network Optimization

Leap ahead with Cosmic Frog: the world’s fastest and most powerful supply chain network optimization solution

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SAS Scenario Comparison

There Are Two Types of Supply Chains: The One You Have, and the One You Need

Many executives are making myriad small supply chain decisions the best they can but feel they’re in a rut. If so, you may need to deal yourself a new hand and change your situation. To change it, you need to design it.

With Cosmic Frog supply chain network optimization, you can explore “what if?” and determine the optimal supply chain locations, capacity, and policies to serve the customer, considering restrictions and optimizing supply chain OPEX and CapEx.

The Only Network Optimization Solution that Considers Cost, Service, and Risk

To align with company strategy and goals, you need to understand more than just the cost implications of future supply chain designs. Cosmic Frog is the only supply chain network optimization solution that considers cost, service, and risk, with an automatic risk rating and cost to serve for every scenario.

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Analytics Scenario
Cosmic Frog saved 40% in model run time compared to competitor systems
New Lightning Mode reduces run time by 95%
In Lightning Mode, Cosmic Frog was faster than competitors in 100% of test runs
Cost-to-Serve Profitibality Analysis Model

Simplify Decisions with Automatic Risk Rating and Cost to Serve

Not only do Cosmic Frog network optimization models run faster, but they also provide more output data. All Cosmic Frog network optimization runs include risk ratings and cost-to-serve so you get richer insights with zero extra time and effort.

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Shape End-to-End Flows into Optimized Solutions

Creating models for the current and future state of your supply chain network design is beneficial for more than just solving facility location, warehousing, and plant logistics issues. By supporting the creation of complete and comprehensive models, Cosmic Frog can shape your supply chain’s end-to-end flows into the most valuable solution for your business.

Sourcing Optimization Model

Cosmic Frog Analyzes 1000s of Future-State Supply Chain Scenarios in Minutes

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“United Rentals made an excellent choice by partnering with Optilogic for network design. We have found the solution to be intuitive, accessible, affordable, and scalable, but above all of that, the team at Optilogic provides us with excellent support via their knowledgeable team.”

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Carey Boggess

Director, Footprint Development
United Rentals

Carey Boggess

Cosmic Frog Network Optimization Features

Intelligent Greenfield Analysis

Balance demand, capacity, cost, and risk to determine ideal facility locations faster than ever before.

Simulation Modeling

Test all your supply-demand scenarios in a no-risk environment with simulation. Ensure your plans are resilient to supply chain variability. Reduce costs associated with unknown factors and improve the performance of plans.

Risk Rating

Cosmic Frog includes a risk rating for every simulation run, informing capacity planning strategy and empowering you to incorporate risk into your organization’s supply chain processes and build a strong supply chain network.


Use Cosmic Frog’s fully cloud-based modeling studio to run 10, 100, or 1,000 scenarios simultaneously without tying up local computer power. Cloud computing capabilities also streamline collaboration between consulting partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Sensitivity at Scale

Run hundreds or thousands of sensitivity scenarios in parallel with a single click. Show the impact on financials, service, and risk for each supply chain network design if transportation costs and customer demand fluctuates.

Sequential optimization

Define a series of objectives as well as a priority order and a tolerance for each. Select from a wide range of pre-defined objectives.

“Optilogic’s platform is simply the best choice for network design. It’s the fastest, most powerful solution on the market. The power of hyperscaling and faster solves than ever before means companies can pinpoint their exact design strategy considering hundreds of scenarios.”


Donald A. Hicks

Founder of Optilogic


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