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Inventory Strategy Modeling

Design supply chain models to optimize and simulate inventory performance

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Avoiding Service Failure

Nobody Cares About the 99% of Orders That Arrived on Time

It’s the failing 1% that will crush you. Avoiding service failure is essential in hyper-competitive service environments. But when supply chain uncertainty is the new norm, it’s easier said than done.

Cosmic Frog Inventory Strategy Design is a new approach to inventory strategy that combines simulation and optimization for a more accurate reflection of real-world variability for healthier inventory.

Finally, an Accurate, Actionable Inventory Strategy

Cosmic Frog harnesses AI and cloud hyperscaling to run numerous simulation scenarios to pinpoint your best-fit solution.

Detailed service metrics, along with financial performance, can be included in the search for the optimal scenario.

AI-powered algorithms continually refine scenarios to pinpoint the best solution given business goals. Use the best inventory strategy to inform your inventory planning system.

Cosmic Frog Inventory Strategy Design
Supply Chain Simulation

Get Detailed Results about Inventory Levels Over Time and Potential Stockouts

Because Cosmic Frog Inventory Strategy Design uses simulation, it can capture system performance over time. You get a clear picture of how inventory levels, storage capacity, and bottlenecks ebb and flow under real-world variability as the model runs.

AI Assesses Cost/Service Trade-offs to Find Best Options to Meet Goals

Inventory optimization isn’t only about choosing the most cost-effective solution; service level analysis is incredibly important. Because Inventory Strategy Design uses simulation optimization models at the order/SKU level and allows users to explore the full trade-off curve between service and cost, it’s the best method for managing inventory strategy and policies in a hyper-competitive—and variable—market.

IQ Summary

Cosmic Frog Inventory Strategy Design Top 4 Use Cases

Answer Traditional Inventory Optimization Questions

Set and Test Inventory Policies

Determine Stocking Locations, Levels, and Reorder Parameters

Connecting Network Design to Planning and Execution Processes

Cosmic Frog Analyzes 1000s of Future-State Supply Chain Scenarios in Minutes

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“Inventory is money sitting around in a different form. The antidote is to convert this inventory to ‘ready money’ to guard against randomness and uncertainty. Simulating inventory scenarios enables companies to experiment in a risk-free environment, providing a clear inventory target with the right balance of trade-offs between costs and service to hit the bullseye.”

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

Evrim Ertugrul

Deputy Head of the Corporate Logistics Department,
Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

Evrim Ertugrul

It’s Time for a Better Inventory Strategy

Unlike classical inventory optimization solutions, Cosmic Frog Inventory Design:

Eliminates the abstractions and assumptions of optimization

Tune specific, relevant real-world controls such as customer orders, processing shipment times, replenishment frequencies, minimum order quantities, reorder points, and expediting costs to find the best inventory configuration

Frees you from predefined cost and service definitions

Define goals relevant to your own inventory strategy and evaluate trade-offs

Shows inventory performance over time

Show inventory performance over time under real-world variability to identify potential problems and prevent stock-outs

Runs hundreds of simulation scenarios in parallel

Because Cosmic Frog is 100% SaaS-based you can scale to run many scenarios concurrently

4 Ways to Crush Service Failures and Improve Profitability with Inventory Strategy Design

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