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Designing Supply Chains to Thrive

We empower businesses to evaluate trade-offs across financials, service, and risk to design resilient supply chains.


Industry Recognition

Silver Stevie® Award
2023 SaaS Award Winner
Web Excellence Award
2024 Top Startup
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“We want to give everyone the ability to envision and design a future supply chain without having to stumble into it. To not just reach the “efficiency curve” of your current supply chain, but to shift the entire curve. Our goal is nothing less than that.”


Donald A. Hicks

Founder of Optilogic

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Singular Focus on
Supply Chain Design

Optilogic was founded in 2018 with a singular vision: To redefine the principles of supply chain design by enabling all people of any organization to realize the benefits of greater enterprise design through our software.

We’re a global company with offices across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Our team has helped hundreds of organizations across manufacturing, retail, distribution, and transportation & logistics industries solve their toughest supply chain challenges, and we’re just getting started.

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A Team You Can Count on in a New Era in Supply Chain Design

We’re a team of supply chain design experts who set out to build the fastest, most powerful supply chain network design platform on the planet. One hundred percent SaaS-based, Cosmic Frog is accessible from anywhere, simplifies collaboration, and uses hyperscaling technology to allow hundreds of models and scenarios to run in parallel. We’re the only design solution that provides a risk rating on every scenario, so you can make more informed decisions beyond just cost.

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Join the Optilogic team and be a part of the cutting edge technology revolution! Together we can help build strong, resilient supply chains that truly thrive.

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Can You Quickly and Accurately Answer Questions Like These?

  • What happens if our supplier shuts down?
  • What is our optimal mode mix?
  • Do we have the right number and locations for facilities?
  • What is the total cost of our supply chain from suppliers to end customers?
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