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CapEx Planning

Evaluate the impact of CapEx decisions on finances, customer service, and risk

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What Is CapEx Planning?

A large capital expenditure can impact the full scope of your supply chain design. Before making hefty investments in new facilities and equipment, use Cosmic Frog CapEx planning to evaluate how CapEx projects will impact your supply chain’s production, distribution capacity, and throughput.  

Simplified CapEx Planning with Cosmic Frog

Model the supply chain with assets like production lines/machinery, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers

Apply constraints that represent potential bottlenecks or throughput limitations 

Include a portion of the supply chain or the entire, extended supply chain and CapEx assets 

Assess variations of potential investments with scenarios to be modeled, optimized, or simulated 

Improve Financial Visibility

Improve Financial Visibility

Get a detailed picture of current supply chain capabilities, available flexibility and opportunities to optimize supply chain capacity. Then, harness the power of the hyperscaling technology to model and analyze hundreds or thousands of alternative scenarios to select the best capital investment plan for your company. 

Identify and Manage Risks

Assess and manage risk for all capital investments using Cosmic Frog. Understand how changes to capital expenditures may impact supply chain performance through scenario planning and sensitivity analysis. Understand how investments will affect recent mergers and acquisitions 

Identify and Manage Risks
Explore Facility, Equipment, and Process Expansion

Explore Facility, Equipment, and Process Expansion

Identify what manufacturing enhancements could be made to existing facilities, where increased inventory will be stored, and if there is a need for additional facilities. 

Explore current and potential investments by analyzing the time required to break even, ROI, useful life, amortization, depreciation of equipment, and make vs. buy decisions. 

Cosmic Frog Analyzes 1000s of Future-State Supply Chain Scenarios in Minutes

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“With support from Optilogic and its Cosmic Frog platform, we were able to quickly and confidently refine our future solution. Having worked with numerous supply chain modeling tools over my career, Cosmic Frog is a leap forward in speed, richer outputs, and easy accessibility.” 

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Cosmic Frog CapEx Planning Features

Extended integration capabilities 

Intake and aggregate data from multiple companies. Input specific data to see how your customers will be impacted and what risks are associated with any CapEx planning decisions and scenarios.

Intelligent Greenfield analysis 

Include different future supply chain configuration and the finantial implications of each of them with Optilogic’s Intelligent Greenfiel Analysis.  

Account for detailed cost in CapEx plan

Although capital expenditure can account for a large portion of supply chain cost, it’s not the only source of cost. Account for all supply chain costs in order to find optimal solutions. 

Assess trade-offs between CapEx cost vs. operational expenditures 

CapEx planning includes cost to start up a plant or distribution centers, costs of initiating business with various suppliers, and costs of closure and depreciation. Perform whatif analysis and consolide all the information you need to make the business case.

Include inventory and plan for storage capacity

For investments in new storage facilities, leverage our inventory solution and understand the implication of the capex decisions in cash flow delivered from the stock level. 

Get a risk rating on every CapEx scenario  

Cosmic Frog’s risk engine assigns an OptiRisk score for every scenario to help you make smart decisions that increase supply chain resilience. 

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