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Using the SCG to Cosmic Frog Model Converter

The team at Optilogic has built a powerful tool to take existing Supply Chain Guru models from either a .scgm or .mdf format and convert them to the Optilogic Anura and .frog schema.

To try this feature click the three dots on the right side of your Home Screen to select SCG Converter icon.


This will take you to the converter page:


From here you will need to name your model and select the model you wish to convert. Then you will able to click the “Convert to Anura” button. Please do not click away from the browser tab as the model is uploading. After the upload is complete you will be redirected to another page while the model is converted to the Anura schema. At this time it is safe to click away from the page as your conversion will be in process.


Once the conversion is complete you will be redirected to the SQL Editor page where you can start executing queries on your new Anura database! You will notice that there are two schemas in the database: _original_scg and anura_2_7.

You can review the data from the original database under the _original_scg tables and can see the new transformed data under the anura_2_7 tables. You will also find a new table in the anura schema called ‘scg_conversion_log’ – this table will provide logging information from the conversion process to track where data transformations outside of the default schema took place, and will also note any warnings or issues that the converter ran into. A full list of column mappings can be found here.

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