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Generating App and API Keys

There are two methods for establishing a secure connection to the Optilogic platform

  • App Key
  • API Key

An App key is a code that can be linked to your account and will not expire. API keys are generated with code and only last for one hour before they expire. Both keys can be useful depending on how you wish to access the platform. Without either an App Key or an API Key you will not be able to run any API endpoints.

Generating an App Key

Login to the Optilogic website and click on your name in the top right corner, then click on “Account.”


Click on the “App Key Management” tab from their name your app key and click on the “Create Key” button.


At this point you may copy your App Key to be used for authentication purposes.

Generating an API Key

To generate an API key you will need to leverage python and the following instructions.

In a python file copy and paste this code and replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD with your own. Make sure to remove both sets of {{}} curly brackets so that it looks like this: headers = {‘X-USER-ID’: ‘CMorrell’ }

import requests

url = ‘…’
headers = {
‘X-USER-ID’: ‘{{user_id}}’,
‘X-USER-PASSWORD’: ‘{{user_password}}’

response = requests.request(‘POST’, url, headers=headers)


The result of this code will be an API key that can be used for authentication.

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