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Update connection string information for third-party tools (Alteryx, Tableau, PowerBI…)

‘Connection Info’ is required when connecting 3rd party tools such as Alteryx, Tableau, PowerBI, etc. to Cosmic Frog.

Anura version 2.7 makes use of Next-Gen database infrastructure. As a result, connection strings must be updated to maintain connectivity.

Severed connections will produce an error when connecting your 3rd party tool to Cosmic Frog.

Steps to restore connection:

  1. Copy the ‘HOST’ value from your Cosmic Frog Cloud Storage browser
  2. Update the Windows ODBC ‘Server’ value to your existing connection
  3. Update ‘Server’ value in your 3rd party tool’s data connection settings
  4. Re-run Cosmic Frog models to refresh output tables

Cosmic Frog ‘HOST’ value can be copied from Cloud Storage browser.

connectionstrings update

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