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Live and On-Demand Training

With hundreds of articles and videos, online training sessions, and coaching options, we support you every step of your supply chain design journey.

Training Courses

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Monthly Live Session: Getting Started With Cosmic Frog

Our monthly LIVE 2-hour training session gives you an in-depth product demonstration of Cosmic Frog and live Q&A with product experts.
Next session: June 18

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On-Demand Session: Getting Started with Cosmic Frog

This interactive training session enables users to successfully navigate Cosmic Frog, build and run a basic model with scenarios, and visualize a model and its results in the platform.

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Creating an Account and Navigating Cosmic Frog

In this session, we explore the Optilogic platform and introduce the various tools and resources it offers. Topics include: creating an account, where to access materials, how to use Support and Community, and more.

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Creating a Model and Navigating File Explorer

This session guides users through creating a Cosmic Frog model, utilizing file explorer and model user interface functions, and understanding model settings.

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Importing and Interacting with Data

This session demonstrates how to import data into a Cosmic Frog model and explores the fields and tables used in an example optimization model.

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How to Use Cosmic Frog Maps and Geocoding

This session explores the essential steps in network modeling and visualization, including geocoding model elements, creating maps, and displaying nodes and arcs on the map.

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How to Run and Analyze a Model

In this session, we will cover how to configure and run a model from the Run Menu, where to follow the progress of a run/solution, and how to identify and understand outputs and visualize on a map.

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Scenario Creation and Maps and Analytics

This session guides users through creating scenarios based on a model or baseline data, and how to compare using scenario filters and use Cosmic Frog’s powerful analytics tools.

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Diagnosing Infeasible Models

In this session, users will learn how use tools within Cosmic Frog to identify if their model is infeasible, as well as other data issues that may be present in their model.

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Understanding Intelligent Greenfield Analysis

In this session we explore the basic and advanced concepts of Greenfield modeling with Cosmic Frog.

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Modeling Supply Chain Risk Using Cosmic Frog

In this session we guide you through the automatic OptiRisk metrics available with each Cosmic Frog scenario.

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Optilogic Help Center

We’ve curated hundreds of support articles and videos to help you use Cosmic Frog with confidence and maximize results.

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Support and Coaching

monthly live training

Live and On-Demand Training

Experts guide you through Cosmic Frog features and use cases—complimentary to all Free and Professional users

book an

Book an Expert

Schedule time with a Customer Success or Professional Services expert

video library

Video Library

Visit the Optilogic Help Center for detailed demos and instructional videos

support troubleshooting

Support and Troubleshooting

E-mail for response within 24 hours

docs site

Help Center

Visit the Optilogic Help Center or click the “?” icon in Cosmic Frog to access dozens of articles and help guides


Custom Coaching or Workshop

Contact us to schedule training time or a workshop with an expert