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Introduction to Cosmic Reach Consulting Partner Solution

Tired of partner programs with outdated, hard-to-use technology, bloated commercial terms, and time-consuming administrative requirements?

Optilogic’s new subscription-based solution was created specifically for supply chain design consultants—from large firms to one-person shops. Join our webinar to learn how you can get started building revenue streams with Optilogic today in four simple steps.
You’ll learn how to start using:
  • Free access to 100-percent SaaS-based Cosmic Frog supply chain design technology, training, and resources—pay only for billable project time
  • Enterprise administrative tools for easy management of users, hours, and billing
  • Templates and training materials to speed onboarding and skills development
  • Python development tools to build tailored apps for unlimited new revenue streams
  • A single solution combining optimization, simulation, risk scoring, and genetic algorithms to address the full spectrum of client use cases

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Cosmic Reach Webinar

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