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Cosmic Frog: Supply Chain
Design that Balances Cost, Service, and Risk

Rapidly compare hundreds of future-state supply chain scenarios to select the most resilient designs

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Find the Strengths and Fix Weaknesses in Your Supply Chain

Use Cosmic Frog to identify weak points and plan and test stronger supply chain designs.


Where are the weak points in your network?


Where is your supply chain strongest?


How can you improve service levels and minimize risk?


What solutions should you identify for potential disruption scenarios?

Cosmic Frog Network Optimization Runs 40% Faster than Competitor Solutions

Network Optimization Saves 40% in Model Run Time
New “Lightning Mode” Reduces Run Time by 95%
Intelligent Greenfield Analysis Runs 80% Faster in Cosmic Frog

Predict the Best, Most Resilient Supply Chain Designs

When the next disruption may be just around the corner, resilience is crucial.  Balance financials, service, and risk with our unique 3-in-1 platform to make more informed decisions beyond just cost.

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Use Cosmic Frog to Access Models from Anywhere and Collaborate with Ease

Visualize results, collaborate with colleagues, and run hundreds of scenarios concurrently—all you need is a browser.

Try Cosmic Frog Risk Free

Cosmic Frog Provides a Risk Rating for Every Scenario

Cosmic Frog provides a risk rating on every scenario run to help companies proactively identify risk and minimize volatility.

See how to assess risk in supply chain design


Get Up and Running in Minutes

Get industry-leading solving technology for optimization, simulation, and risk. Hyperscale to rapidly solve even the largest models. Run hundreds of scenarios concurrently. All with ZERO installation or lengthy configuration.

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Cosmic Frog makes it easier and faster than ever to build, share, and analyze new supply chain designs—all in a single cloud-native platform.

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Build and run scenarios

Analyze and share scenarios with vivid maps and analytics

Guide: Build a Cosmic Frog Model in 4 Simple Steps


What Can You Do with Cosmic Frog?

Answer even the toughest supply chain what-if questions with ease.

  • Supply chain network design
  • Inventory policies
  • Greenfield analysis
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Risk management
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Reverse logistics

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What Cosmic Frog Customers are Saying

“With support from Optilogic and its Cosmic Frog platform, we were able to quickly and confidently refine our future solution. Having worked with numerous supply chain modeling tools over my career, Cosmic Frog is a leap forward in speed, richer outputs, and easy accessibility.”

Sean Monahan
Sean Monahan
Chief Operating Officer, Stone Brewing

“United Rentals made an excellent choice by partnering with Optilogic for network design. We have found the solution to be intuitive, accessible, affordable, and scalable, but above all of that, the team at Optilogic provides us with excellent support via their knowledgeable team.”

Carey Boggess
Carey Boggess
Director, Footprint Development at United Rentals

“What happens if this node goes down? What happens if this gets delayed? What if… We can set that framework now — with Optilogic we have the ability to look at scenarios at a granular level.”

Eric Sobanski
Eric Sobanski
Senior Vice President, PECO Operations

“At Walgreens, we wanted a supply chain design solution that would be simple to implement but also fast and powerful enough to solve complex and dynamic problems. We selected Cosmic Frog not only because it was the best ROI for us, but also for its superior technology, continued R&D in the product, and dedicated customer support team.”

Michael B. Brown
Michael B. Brown
Director, Supply Chain Product Operations, Walgreen Co.

“Optilogic Cosmic Frog is the perfect technology complement to our supply chain design expertise and allows us to unlock even more supply chain value for our clients.”

Anders Bartholin
Anders Bartholin
Partner & Project Director, Langebæk A/S

“We changed the transportation modes that we have, looked at carriers and other partnerships, inventory issues including how much backstock or safety stock we should have, and so much more. All those levers that we can pull, help us better serve our customer base.”

Jonathan Parks
Jonathan Parks
Senior Vice President of Supply Chain at iGPS

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