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Designing Resilient Supply Chains

Watch: Designing Resilient Supply Chains

How to Become a Professional Risk-Taker

It’s 2023, and there’s plenty of talk about how to react to supply chain risk and disruptions. But how are you evaluating risk in strategic, systemic supply chain decisions?

Supply chain design is creating digital models of the future supply chain to test the impact and performance of multiple alternatives. Design gives you a proactive view of risk, and the opportunity to make smarter strategic decisions–making you a professional risk-taker.

Join us for a practical discussion on how to begin designing resilient supply chains by considering risk. You’ll learn:

  • Where global companies are performing well in risk and where they’re falling short
  • Risk mitigation secrets of top performing companies
  • Steps to quantifying risk in potential supply chain changes
  • How to get your free risk score


Jim Wilson, Sr Director Product Management, Optilogic

Greg Schlegel, Founder at The Supply Chain Risk Consortium

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