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Writing Scenario Syntax

To describe the action and conditions of our scenario, there are specific syntax rules we need to follow.

In this example, we are editing the Facilities table to define a scenario without a distribution center in Detroit.


Action Syntax

Actions describe how we want to change a table. Actions have 2 components:

  • Column you want to change
  • Value you want to put into the column

Writing actions takes the form of an equation:

  • ColumnName = MyScenarioValue

Further detail on action syntax can be found here.



Condition Syntax

Conditions describe what we want to change. They are Boolean (i.e. true/false) statements describing which rows to edit. Conditions have 3 components:

  • Column holding the value we are interested in modifying
  • What we want to compare the value to
  • How we want to compare the value

Conditions take the form of a comparison, such as:

  • UnitValue > 45
  • ProductName = ‘RM_01’

Further detail on Conditions syntax can be found here.


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