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Editing Map Layers

You can edit and filter the information shown in a layer by utilizing the Layer Menu on the right hand side of your map screen. This menu opens when a layer is selected and contains the following tabs:

  • Layer Style
  • Layer Labels
  • Condition Builder

Layer Style

From the layer style menu we can modify how the layer will appear on the map

  • Type: For stationary items like Customers or Facilities you can edit a point marker. For flows, you can edit a line marker
  • Shape: Change the marking on the map, for example you can make a layer in the form of House Siding, a circle, star, or even a Cosmic Frog
  • Color: Select between 18 colors
  • Size: Select between 10 different size values
  • Collision Detection: on/off – this feature allows you to manage the appearance of overlapping point markers by either omitting or fading overlapping points (hint: this can be very helpful when trying to view maps with may layers or attributes).
  • Opacity: Select the level of opacity for your element to determine how much is prominently visible on the map


Layer Labels

From the layer label menu we can add text descriptors the map layer.



The “Labels” dropdown menu allow you to add a text descriptor next to a layer item. Only one item may be selected in the label dropdown.


The “Tooltip” is a floating box that appears when hovering over a layer element. We can add/remove items displayed in the tooltip by selecting in the “Tooltips” menu.


Condition Builder

The Condition Builder menu allows you to edit the data included in your layer. The most important item is to select the Table Name using the drop down menu that you wish to show on the map. This can include point items like Customers or Facilities or transportation arcs like OptimizationFlowSummary.


Within the Condition Builder you can use conditions to filter the table further to a subset of the data in the table. The filter syntax is similar to the syntax used when creating scenarios.

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