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Importing Data To Cosmic Frog

Cosmic Frog supports importing both CSV and Excel files directly through the application. The file imports will be performed using upsert logic, where data is updated for records that already exist in the Cosmic Frog table and new records are inserted to the table.

To import data, click on File > Import  File.

CF data import1

You can now select either a CSV file or an Excel workbook. It is important that these files match the names used in the Cosmic Frog tables which you are uploading data to. The sheet names must match the name of the Cosmic Frog tables,  and the column names must match as well. Multi-sheet Excel workbooks are supported if you are looking to import multiple tables at the same time.

A suggested best-practice is to first Export out an empty copy of the table from Cosmic Frog and use this as a template to place your data into – this can help to avoid any typos in sheet names or column headers.

Here is a sample set of data that will be uploaded to the Customers table. Note that not all columns from the Customers  table in Cosmic Frog are present in the Excel workbook, but all the column names match.

CF data import2

Once the Excel File is selected for import, the data now appears in Cosmic Frog.

CF data import3

To show how the upsert logic works, here is a modified version of the same Excel file:

CF data import4

The Country column has been updated for CZ_New York and CZ_Chicago and a new row was added for CZ_Michigan. When we import this updated file into Cosmic Frog we can see both the updates and insert take place:

CF data import6

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