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Comparing Cosmic Frog to Other Supply Chain Design Software

If this isn’t your first time using a supply chain design software, then take heart: the transition to Cosmic Frog is a smooth one. There are a few key differences worth noting below:

Similar functionality but with different table names


Most of these changes will be self-explanatory – if you used to write Customer Sourcing Policies you will now put similar data in a table called Customer Fulfillment Policies. Others may become easier to see over time — instead of many tables to create process logic you can enter everything you need in one table.

Different modeling concepts



Have you ever wanted to put a site in your model and distinguish whether you owned the site or not? Have you ever wanted to make clear what you own and what you outsource? If so, the suppliers tables are for you:


Policy Selection

Do you really need a corresponding transportation policy for every sourcing policy and vice versa? Did you know that by doing so you actually making the model take longer to build and solve? Have you ever built a model that was infeasible because you forgot to add a policy?

We put the power in you, the user’s, hands. Simply change the lane creation rule and you can ensure that your model builds and solves the way you want.



Similar tables, but they work a bit differently


We split inventory policies into three sections because we believe there is a lot going on when you process how to model inventory in your models, especially when you process inventory in simulation. Other than that, we cleaned up the table structure, why enter data in multiple tables if you don’t need to? Where possible we streamlined the table structure to make it easier to enter your data.

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