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Nexterus Partners with Optilogic to Leverage the Powerful Supply Chain Design Tool to Build Optimal Networks for Clients

Clients Benefit from Improved Mode Selection, Optimized Product Flow, and Balanced Supply and Demand  

New Freedom, PA. and Ann Arbor, MI – June 20, 2023Nexterus, a world-class supply chain management and third-party logistics (3PL) services provider, announces a partnership with supply chain design software innovator Optilogic. The Nexterus team will use Optilogic’s Cosmic Frog to design robust supply chains that improve an enterprise’s financial objectives, service levels, and risk.  

“Our clients will benefit from this new supply chain design optimization solution for network strategy, greenfield analysis, mode selection, CAPEX planning, merger and acquisition analysis, and optimizing product flow or the balance of supply and demand,” says Ryan Polakoff, President of Nexterus. “Optilogic identifies the best possible configurations to meet clients’ business KPIs. We look forward to using this next-gen supply chain design tool from an experienced team to model supply chain networks with a combination of prescriptive and predictive analytics to find the optimal solution and gain visibility into scenarios that perform under realistic conditions.” 

“Optilogic has taken a leadership position in the supply chain design market by empowering organizations to leverage a cloud-native environment that hyperscales and enables optimization, simulation, and risk into a single platform for enhanced decision-making,” says Optilogic Senior Vice President Oscar Torres. “We’re excited to support Nexterus to build resilient supply chains for their clients.” 

Optilogic helps companies solve large and complex supply chain problems at scale. The Nexterus team will use Cosmic Frog to design a future state of a client’s supply chain with the right balance of trade-offs across financials, service, and risk for a more resilient supply chain. Optilogic’s Cosmic Frog platform combines optimization and simulation in a single platform that shares the same data schema, providing a more comprehensive, insightful, and accurate analysis that leads to improved decision-making in supply chain design.  

Cosmic Frog is the only supply chain design solution that identifies and quantifies the risk of a supply chain network by applying a risk rating to every supply chain model. Cosmic Frog’s simulation engine then runs and understands the impact of risk related to finances and service. Next, users conduct scenario modeling and sensitivity analysis to reduce risk and create contingency plans that can mitigate disruptions when they occur. 

“With the market so volatile from disruptions in supply and demand, supplier challenges, and transportation cost variables, Cosmic Frog will help us design the most optimal supply chain network for clients that will mitigate the risk of disruptions,” adds Polakoff.   


About Nexterus

Nexterus solves urgent and complex supply chain issues, applying expertise and technology to manage and optimize global supply chains. As America’s oldest private, non-asset-based, third-party logistics (3PL) company, Nexterus helps small and medium-sized companies better compete through the power of their supply chains. With best-in-class strategies and services, Nexterus gives clients the freedom to build their businesses without being distracted by complex supply chain challenges and tedious tasks, allowing these companies to improve productivity, efficiencies, and customer service. Please find us at ( 


About Optilogic

Optilogic offers cloud-native supply chain network design solutions that enable businesses to evaluate trade-offs across financial performance, service levels, and systemic risk to design resilient supply chains even in the most dynamic, challenging environments. Its Cosmic Frog supply chain design solution tackles enterprise data at scale, runs models faster than ever, automatically converts legacy models, and requires no IT footprint. Cosmic Frog is the only supply chain design platform to combine optimization, simulation, and risk engines, and includes a risk rating on every scenario. Solutions include network design, intelligent greenfield analysis and site selection, M&A analysis, near-shoring/reshoring, CapEx planning, cost-to-serve, product flow, and many more. Stay in touch with Optilogic on LinkedIn, Twitter,Facebook, and YouTube and visit