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Announcement: Optilogic Launches Cosmic Frog, the Industry’s First 100-Percent SaaS-based Supply Chain Design Solution

The only design technology combining optimization, simulation, and risk engines in one intuitive solution

The only design technology combining optimization, simulation, and risk engines in one intuitive solution

With 185+ years of supply chain experience, Optilogic leadership team aims to change the trajectory of the supply chain design industry

[ANN ARBOR, November 8, 2022] Supply chain software company Optilogic announced the general release of its next-generation Cosmic Frog supply chain design software. Cosmic Frog positions Optilogic as a new leader in the supply chain design market by empowering organizations to design supply chain networks in a cloud-native environment.

Continual disruption has exposed the fragility of supply chains which were designed for low cost at high risk. The next-generation supply chain design approach enables businesses to evaluate trade-offs across financial performance, service, and systemic risk to predict the best designs.

The Cosmic Frog solution enables optimization, simulation, and risk analysis across an end-to-end supply chain in a single platform, equipping businesses to make more informed decisions beyond just cost. And by providing a risk rating on every scenario run, Cosmic Frog helps companies proactively minimize risk and volatility.

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Traditional supply chain design technologies have complex user interfaces, require costly capital and IT investment, and have lengthy implementation processes. Optilogic’s Cosmic Frog is a cloud-native, intuitive solution that can tackle enterprise data at scale, run models faster than ever, convert legacy models quickly, and be implemented with ease.

Founded by LLamasoft founder and former CEO, Donald A. Hicks, Optilogic has brought together a global team of the world’s most experienced supply chain experts and engineers.

“The launch of Cosmic Frog marks a new era for supply chain technology and the supply chain design field,” said Hicks. “It’s the end of the previous path and a new starting point to move beyond optimization and into design as a strategic capability to keep companies alive and thriving in the most challenging, dynamic environments.”

With over 25 pilot projects and early adoption customers, Optilogic’s Cosmic Frog is already transforming how enterprises are doing supply chain design. When compared to customers’ previous supply chain design software, Cosmic Frog was able to dramatically reduce model solve times, reduce procurement costs by many multiples, and onboard supply chain design teams in a matter of minutes.

“We had an overall lack of knowledge of our supply chain network. We really didn’t understand what our true cost drivers were–where we were winning and losing,” said Brett Barnello, Chief Supply Chain Officer at AmerCareRoyal. “Our service implications weren’t really known. This was where Optilogic’s use of optimization and simulation allowed us to get a true understanding and to design our network towards our future growth ambitions.”

Cosmic Frog is available worldwide via browser–standard accounts are free. Visit to create your account.

For additional information on Cosmic Frog, join Don Hicks and the team for their upcoming web event. Register to reserve your space and get your questions answered.

About Optilogic

Optilogic was founded in 2018 and has now grown into a global software company with one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Optilogic’s supply chain experts have over 185+ years of experience in the end-to-end supply chain. Together, we’re empowering organizations to rethink supply chain design. By incorporating optimizationsimulation, and risk into their strategy, businesses can have visibility into the cost, service, and risk of different supply chain design scenarios. Optilogic’s 100% SaaS solution reduces time to value with its next-generation technology and intuitive, purpose-built interface. Learn more about Optilogic’s innovations at

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