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Announcement: Optilogic Joins the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium

Optilogic brings 135+ years of supply chain experience to aid in the conversation around risk management.

Supply chain design software company Optilogic announced today that it has officially joined the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium (SCRM), a coalition of businesses and organizations dedicated to the furthering of identification, assessment, mitigation and management of global supply chain risks.

Optilogic joins 30 selected companies that are working to provide education and analysis around managing risk across all industry sectors.

In today’s world of volatility and disruptions in the supply chain, the partnering of companies that bring thought leadership and technical advances towards risk management is essential for accelerating change and improvements to supply chain management.

“We are excited to join this group of forward-thinking organizations that share our passion for enabling companies for success in their supply chain risk management,” states Oscar Torres, SVP at Optilogic. “We look forward to bringing our thought leadership and technological innovations to this partnership.”

Optilogic’s team of supply chain experts will bring a collective 135+ years of experience as well as its perspective of how to identify and quantify risk in the supply chain design process to help further conversations throughout the Consortium.

Optilogic’s next generation supply chain design software applies a risk rating to each design scenario, enabling companies to make decisions about their supply chain strategy with visibility into the trade-offs of financials, service and risk. By bringing risk identification and assessment into the supply chain design process, companies can proactively minimize risk and volatility.

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About Optilogic

Optilogic was founded in 2018 and has now grown into a global software company with one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Optilogic’s supply chain experts have over 135+ years of experience in the end-to-end supply chain. Together, we’re empowering organizations to rethink Supply Chain Design. By incorporating optimization, simulation, and risk into their strategy, businesses can have visibility into the cost, service and risk of different supply chain design scenarios. Optilogic’s 100% SaaS solution reduces time to value with its next generation technology and intuitive, purpose built interface. Learn more about Optilogic’s innovations: