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Creating Scenarios in Cosmic Frog

To create a scenario you need to do three things:

  1. Create/name your scenario
  2. Create/add scenario items that you want to change in your scenario
  3. Link the scenario items to the scenario name

1. Create Scenario

From the Scenario tab in Cosmic Frog select the blue button called “Scenario” and click on “New Scenario.”


Type the name of the scenario you would like to create in the panel window.


2. Create Scenario Items

From the same drop down as “New Scenario” select “New Item” to create a scenario item. Enter the name of your scenario item in the window. After you press enter the Scenario Item window will be active where you will select the following:

  • Table: the table name you wish to modify through the Scenario
  • Action: the activity you would like this scenario item to accomplish. For example set status = ‘Exclude’ or set unitcost = unitcost*1.1
  • Conditions: the filter you want to apply to the table to only make the changes to the fields you desire. For example notes LIKE ‘%Baseline%’


3. Create Scenario Assignment

After you have created and saved the Scenario Item you need to assign that item to a scenario. On the right hand side of your screen there is a table called “Assign Scenarios.” From here you can check/uncheck the Scenarios where you wish to use the new Scenario Item.



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