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Adding Transportation Policies

Transportation policies describe how material flows throughout a supply chain. In Cosmic Frog, we can define our transportation policies using the TransportationPolicies table. In general, we can have a unique policy for each combination of origin, destination, product, and transport mode.

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Currently supported transportation simulation policies are:

  • By Preference
  • By Due Date
  • On Quantity
  • On Volume
  • On Weight

By Preference

If “By Preference” is selected, we can provide a ranking describing which transportation mode we want to use for different origin-destination-product combinations. We can describe our preference using the “SimulationPolicyValue” column.

In the following example, the “Container” mode is preferred over the “Truck” mode for the MFG_CA to DC_IL route. Note that since the “ProductName” column is left blank, this policy applies to all products using this route.

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By Due Date

Selecting “By Due Date” is like “By Preference” in that different modes can be ranked via the “SimulationPolicyValue”. However, selecting “By Due Date” adds the additional component of demand timing into its selection. This policy selects the highest preference option that can meet the due date of the shipment.

On Volume/Weight/Quantity

Selecting “On Volume”, “On Weight”, or “On Quantity” as a simulation policy means that either the volume, weight, or quantity of the shipment will determine which transportation mode is selected. In this case, the “SimulationPolicyValue” defines the lowest volume that will go by that mode. We can use multiple lines to define multiple breakpoints for this policy.

In the example below, we have three levels for the “On Volume” policy value: 0, 200, and 1000. Shipments with a volume between 0 and 199 cubic feet (the default volume unit) will go by the “V0” mode, shipments between 200 and 999 cubic feet will go by the “V200” mode, and all shipments over 1000 cubic feet will go by the “V1000” mode.

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