In a supply chain model, sourcing policies describe how network components create and order necessary materials. In Cosmic Frog, sourcing policies appear in two different table categories:

In this section, we describe how to use the model elements tables to define sourcing policies for each individual customer and/or facility. Specifically, we can decide if each element is single sourced, allows backorders, and/or allows partial fulfillment.

Single source policies

Single source policies can be defined on either the order level or the line-item level. Setting “SingleSourceOrders” to “True” for a means that for each order placed by that location, every item in that order must come from a single source. Setting this value to “False” does not prohibit single sourcing, it just removes the requirement.

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Setting “SingleSourceLineItems” to “True” only requires each individual line-item come from a single source. In other words, even if this is “True”, an individual order can have multiple sources, as long as each line item is single sourced.

If “SingleSourceOrders” is set to “True” and “SingleSourceLineItems” is set to “False”, the “SingleSourceOrders” value takes precedence.

Backorder policies

To allow backorders for a customer or facility, we can set the “AllowBackorders” value to “True”. We can also define the amount of time a model element is willing to accept backorders.

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Partial fill policies

We can also decide to allow partial fulfillment of orders or individual line-items. “PartialFillOrders” and “PartialFillLineItems” behave similarly to the single sourcing policies. If “PartialFillOrders” is set to “True”, then “PartialFillLineItems” will also be forced to “True”.

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