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Rapid and Painless Migration from
Coupa LLamasoft to
Cosmic Frog

Cosmic Frog is a simple and risk-free way for users of Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning powered by LLamasoft© to start designing supply chains in the cloud.


Free LLamasoft Model Conversion Support

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Easily Create a New Model from Excel

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Using the Automated Coupa Model Converter Is Easy. Here’s How:

Convert Your Model

Once you’ve created your free Cosmic Frog account, simply upload your Coupa model file and it will automatically convert into a Cosmic Frog model and appear in your workspace.

Validate Conversion and Make Updates

Next you’ll open the new converted model to ensure data is mapped correctly. On average, the converter automates 70-75% of the work to convert a model.

Build and Run Scenarios

It’s time to get rolling using Cosmic Frog to build and run supply chain models–all in the cloud and with hyperscale processing power. You’re limited only by your imagination!

Analyze and Visualize

Our rich visuals enable comprehensive, insightful, and accurate analysis, leading to improved decision-making in supply chain design. Plus, every scenario includes a supply chain risk rating.

Frictionless, Simplified Transition from Coupa to Optilogic:

  • Cloud-native platform with automatic risk ratings and cost-to-serve
  • Executive dashboards–no modeling experience required
  • Eliminate analytical silos
  • ROI in weeks–not months to years

Cosmic Frog Network Optimization Runs 40% Faster than Competitor Solutions

Network Optimization Saves 40% in Model Run Time
New “Lightning Mode” Reduces Run Time by 95%
Intelligent Greenfield Analysis Runs 80% Faster in Cosmic Frog

Create An Account And Automatically Convert Your Legacy Model Today

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What Cosmic Frog Customers are Saying

“We have been able to quickly and effortlessly transition from old legacy models to the innovative Cosmic Frog. With the astonishing strides we’ve taken since the last year, it’s evident that the future is now.”

Minoru Muragi
Minoru Muragi
CEO, BigM, Inc.

“With the market so volatile from disruptions in supply and demand, supplier challenges, and transportation cost variables, Cosmic Frog will help us design the most optimal supply chain network for clients that will mitigate the risk of disruptions.”

Ryan Polakoff
Ryan Polakoff
President, Nexterus

“With support from Optilogic and its Cosmic Frog platform, we were able to quickly and confidently refine our future solution. Having worked with numerous supply chain modeling tools over my career, Cosmic Frog is a leap forward in speed, richer outputs, and easy accessibility.”

Sean Monahan
Sean Monahan
Chief Operating Officer, Stone Brewing

Cosmic Frog: A New Era In Supply Chain Design

At a time when supply chain design is more crucial than ever, Cosmic Frog gives companies a starting point to make design a strategic capability.


3-In-1 Design Platform

Optimization, simulation, and risk analysis across an end-to-end supply chain in a single platform, equipping businesses to make more informed decisions beyond just cost.



Get Up And Running In Minutes

3, 2, 1, blast off! We offer professional grade-solving technology for optimization, simulation, risk, and advanced analytics – with ZERO installation or lengthy configuration.



Risk Rating For Every Scenario

Cosmic Frog provides a risk rating on every scenario run to help companies proactively minimize risk and volatility.


Access From Anywhere And Collaborate With Ease

Whether you need a fresh set of eyes to review your models or you’re ready to lead your next stakeholders meeting with confidence, our platform allows you to easily work together on projects and share models enterprise-wide.