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Introducing Cosmic Frog

Video Transcript

With supply chain disruptions on the rise, you’ve probably started to experience drastic shifts in demand, labor shortages and structural concerns.

Can your supply chain withstand the next disruption?

As the world around us keeps demanding more from our supply chains, we need to design better networks and policies that properly balance finances, service, and risk to be truly resilient.

The old supply chain design technologies have had their challenges with clunky interfaces, poor user experience, a hefty price tag, and no customizations, simulations, or support for complex solves.

Say hello to Cosmic Frog: the next generation of supply chain design software that combines optimization, simulation, and risk engines into one, cloud-based, intuitive solution.

Together, these three engines help you gain powerful insights and make better decisions.

Here are 3 ways that the Cosmic Frog solution helps solve for the supply chain modelers of today and tomorrow:

Number 1. Quick Time-To-Value. Use the fastest MIP solver on the market and hyperscale models in parallel.

Number 2. Design for Resiliency & Agility. Get a risk rating with each and every run.

And Number 3. Extensible to Fit Your Specific Workflow. Customize workflows to fit your needs using our platform and powerful API.

Cosmic Frog helps you rethink, redefine, and restructure your supply chain design process from the ground up.

Explore Cosmic Frog today! Go to to make a free account and get started.