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Rethink Redesign: 8 Things Supply Chain Execs Need to Know in 2024

Designing your supply chain isn’t a yes or no decision. If you don’t intelligently design your supply chain, it will design itself, and that could be catastrophic for your business.

Supply chain executives today must have the capacity to envision and design future supply chains for the long-term viability of your company and your career. In this collaborative ebook, Optilogic Founder Don Hicks and Maria Villablanca, founder of Villablanca Consulting and Future Insights Network and Co-founder of Transform Talks Podcast, uncover insights on:

  • Supply chain design is more crucial than planning
  • AI isn’t going to drive your supply chain design
  • What’s driving leading manufacturers and retailers to redesign supply chains in 2024
  • Why it’s imperative to design for outcomes of 2024 elections now
  • Much more


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Rethink Redesign 8 Things Supply Chain Execs Need to Know in 2024

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