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Make Design Actionable through Deployable Apps

Planning by Design

Optilogic Planning by Design enables businesses to quickly create models of their supply chain operations, and access powerful analytical optimization and simulation engines to improve the planning process in easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to maintain apps.

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Put the Power of Intelligent Engines and Hyperscaling in the Hands of the Many

Share with all stakeholders in an interface as simple as Excel or a web or mobile app. When business processes change, Planning by Design apps can quickly be updated or replaced with new apps, while the user experience is maintained to help ensure continuity.

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Supply Chain Design

Cosmic Frog: Out-of-the-box cloud supply chain design

Powerful workflows connecting models to solve MIP (Mixed Integer Programs), Discrete Event Simulations, and Risk Assessments

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Planning by Design

Atlas: Make design actionable through deployable apps

Connect people, process, and technology to enhance decisions and take action

Planning by Design Makes Design Actionable Through Deployable Apps


  • Cloud-based IDE
  • Intuitive Python editor
  • Sequence powerful workflows
  • Atlas library


  • Pre-built APIs
  • Connect data
  • Build apps of all types


  • Run concurrent models
  • Launch scenarios
  • Solve analytical problems
  • Enable replications for simulation


  • Share models, projects apps
  • Connect to expert community
  • Share your expertise

Optilogic Planning by Design

  • Design planning solutions to address unresolved planning problems
  • Complement your existing planning systems
  • Flexible deployment of design solutions to stakeholders
  • Most powerful analytical solvers available today
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