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Optilogic Cosmic Reach Consulting Partner Solution FAQs

Sign up here for your free account hereTo sign up and/or learn more about the partnership terms please email us at 

No problem. Partners with current terms may wish to keep them or update to the new termsContact for details. 

Access free live and on-demand training sessions here.  There are monthly live “Getting Started” training sessions available, along with an array of on-demand sessions to help consultants learn Cosmic Frog.

The Optilogic Cosmic Reach consulting partner solution is more than a logo on a website and pipeline sharing – it’s a platform to deploy and scale design teams for projects, managed services engagements, and tailored apps. 

  • Free access to technology: Partners will have free access to technology, training, and resources to help them understand, use, and deploy Cosmic Frog to one or many consultants in their practice. And when we say free, we mean our full solution set is available for partners to try out, use as a business development solution, and train team members for non-paid work time.  Your hours are only billable when actual project work begins.  
  • We offer a “pay-per-use approach” where consultants only pay for only what you use, on projects and managed services engagements. When partners are off the clock, the hours aren’t billed. Choose from consumption-based or time-based licensing options. 
  • Build tailored apps to create additional revenue streams in our Atlas Python studio.  If consulting team members have coding skills, they can leverage our cloud-based IDE to build simple to complex tailored applications.   
  • Enterprise administrative tools for partner administrators to manage users, hours, and billing management. It’s easy to track users and billable time with our admin dashboards.  
  • Create your own internal design community to build templates and training materials, to speed onboarding and skills development. Partners usually have a rotation of analysts using design technology, and as such need a central point of training, sample models, data input and output templates, and best practice documentation. Cosmic Frog’s reference library provides this as an internal community hub for partners to standardize their onboarding and overall project delivery templates.  
  • Frogger Pond public supply chain design community to promote apps, use cases, and skills. Frogger Pond enables partners to promote their skills, apps, and bring in new business or connect to complementary skilled teams.  
  • Design experts to back you up: Engage with Optilogic design experts to support partner analysts and managers as they engage customers. A variety of standard and pre-recorded self-guided training is available to partners.  

Sign up here for your free account here.  You can also access our on-demand training courses here.    

Consultants have access to free accounts, training, reference models, and other training materials. As the teams formally join our partner program, they will have access to fully functional Cosmic Frog applications to be used during business development/pre-sales work.  They can then purchase blocks of hours to use during paid engagements.  

To sign up and/or learn more about the partnership terms please email us at  

We only ask a few things of partners: 

  • Open, honest two-way communication: By giving partners full access to our platform, we are entrusting partners to communicate when they move from free to paid work.  We entrust our partners to be up-front on usage and pay for our platform when they are getting paid.  
  • Invest in training the team: The software is only as good as the people building out the models, scenarios and storyboard dashboard outputs.  Optilogic’s team has decades of experience and can help new analysts to ensure success, but only if their partner has their team fully trained and supported.  
  • Invest in project support: Partners will run into questions/issues during projects and need expert support.  We are here to help if partners budget for support time to ensure project deliverables are accurate, on-time, and best in class quality-wise  
  • Collaborate, communicate on projects: Inform us of critical milestones, key deliverables, and the overall objectives so Optilogic’s team is aligned resource wise to ensure success.  We may also tell you when your timelines or approach is not realistic or off base.   
  • Provide feedback to help us improve the technology: Our technology is not perfect even though we continually improve upon our platform.  Let us know what is bugging you and what you would like to see.  That is gold to us and only makes us, and partners, better.  

You get a lot: 

  • The world’s best cloud-native design solution that incorporates risk, cost, service, and sustainability metrics into a single platform 
  • The latest AI guided simulation to optimize policies to drive performance to implementable levels 
  • Scalable, extensible, Python backed solutions that can grow beyond basic design solutions 
  • A team that has built design technology for the last 20 years backing you up 
  • A platform to share, learn, and sustain a design thinking team 
  • An Optilogic team that has worked with partners for decades and knows how to structure a partnership that’s beneficial to both parties 
  • Continuous supply chain design technology innovation defining “what’s next” in our industry 

Access free live and on-demand training sessions here.  There are monthly live “Getting Started” training sessions available, along with an array of on-demand sessions to help consultants learn Cosmic Frog. 

Simply sign up for a free account to get going, then contact to sign up for the business development subscription available to our partners.   

Option 1: Consumption-based–purchase blocks of hours 

Partners get business development subscriptions at no cost, to be used for business development and pre-sales work.  As partners get paid work, they can then switch to paid usage by purchasing blocks of hours.  

Option 2: Time-based licensing 

  • Additional packages available to support larger project teams 
  • Free trouble-shooting support available during engagements 
  • Paid training and project support options available

Contact for pricing details.

No problem. Partners with current terms may wish to keep them or update to the new termsContact for details. 

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