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We know supply chain design. We also understand what supply chain analysts need in their technology solution to best equip and enable them for success in their roles. We have created the next generation of supply chain design software that makes it easier and faster to model your supply chain, and enhances decision making by combining optimization, simulation, and risk. Hop on over to the best Supply Chain Design software in the Cosmos.

Introducing Cosmic Frog.

We’ve integrated the world’s most powerful engines and solvers into one intuitive, scalable platform, allowing business leaders to make the most optimal decisions, based on the combination of cost, service, and risk. Say hello to Cosmic Frog!

The Cosmic Frog Solution is out of this world! Finally — A solution set that can solve hundreds of scenarios concurrently, measure risk and variability, and is flexible enough to adjust to your everyday workflows. This technology is powered by some of the market's fastest commercial-grade MIP solvers and leverages cloud-based technology combined with an intuitive interface. We built this solution from the ground up with a team of industry experts, each with decades of experience modeling, optimizing, simulating, and scaling Supply Chain Designs. Take your supply chains to the next level with Cosmic Frog.

Quick Time-To-Value

The time spent on Supply Chain Design modeling and analysis is reduced because of the speed which cloud hyperscaling of scenarios provides, quick model building enabled by an intuitive interface and multi-person collaboration, and the elimination of any dependency on IT for installations or licensing.

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Powerful & Intelligent

Decades of experience in both supply chain design and operations research contribute to the intelligence of the solution, while the fastest, commercially available MIP solver helps power the engine. The combination of simulation, optimization and risk engines in one solution provides the complete technology stack needed for supply chain design analysis in one solution.

Powerful intelligent

Design for Resiliency & Agility

Our solution is the only supply chain design solution to provide a risk score to every design, every scenario. This framework supports decision making based on financial performance, service, and riskiness, hence bringing the fitness and resiliency of the supply chain into the design process. Be proactive in mitigating risk by using scenario modeling via simulation and optimization to understand the impact of risk on your supply chain, use this to make more informed decisions and create contingency plans for if and when the risk factors are realized.


Extensible to Fit Your Specific Workflow

In addition to an intuitive, out of the box workflow, the solution allows for adding custom policies, business rules or extensions via our powerful API. There are pre-built templates for extending and customizing the workflow and connectors built for Alteryx, Tableau and PowerBI, for example.

"Transitioning to Atlas was easy. I didn’t have to worry about licensing or tying up my local machine, and I was able to leverage powerful solvers to scale at levels that would not have been economically feasible without Optilogic."
– Marc Meketon, Vice President at Oliver Wyman
"When I was tasked with creating a robust vehicle routing MIP formulation, I selected Optilogic for the challenge and was thrilled with the process. Sign-up was easy, there were no licensing concerns, and best of all, I was able to leverage Gurobi’s commercial grade solver to build and solve my model in the cloud in a matter of minutes."
– Jon Lever, Optagility
"Our company wanted to create a Machine Learning recommendation engine to power our solution. Optilogic stepped up to the challenge. Not only did they deliver, they helped ensure the success of the solution. We’re blown away."
– Eric Turner, CEO at Return Rabbit

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