Introducing Atlas


An optimization tool from a different galaxy.

From mathematical modeling puzzles to supply chain challenges, Atlas helps people find and deliver impactful solutions to their businesses or clients

Visualize your modeling outputs

Connect your solutions to visualization platforms or build custom applications with our ready-to-use APIs to quickly understand risk, service, cost, and margin.

Hyperscale your optimizations

Want to run 1,000 models all at once? Don't worry, we have you covered at the click of a button.

Affordability without compromise

Access commercial grade solvers like Gurobi without the commercial budget. By eliminating licensing fees and IT governance, it's that much easier to enter the door.

Test out scenarios

Use simulation models to understand the impact on service when inventory strategies change. Run thous


Leverage the expertise of your peer group and colleagues by collaborating on a single model. Stuck in your modeling process? Post questions and find answers in the Optilogic Community - a portal for data scientists and modeling experts to network and build their knowledge together.

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Atlas is fully cloud-based so all you need to solve the largest optimization problems is internet connection and an Optilogic account. Access enterprise solutions like Gurobi with no hardware setups, software implementation or license keys. Build high-fidelity models in the cloud, either from scratch or the broad library of models available created by the Optilogic team and your community.

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Users can deploy applications quickly and easily using our rich APIs and demo apps, both internally and externally. Outputs can be easily shared - enabling their use anywhere from Excel to PowerBI and Tableau.

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Because of Optilogic’s native cloud design, you can run more optimizations than ever before, all from just one click of a button. No complex configurations needed. Run 10, 100, or 1,000 models at the same time without any load on your machine.

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