Introducing the Atlas IDE

Take your optimizations further with a team of industry experts and cutting-edge, cloud-based technology that enables operations research and data science professionals to collaborate on the cloud, power applications, and model at light-speed.


An optimization tool from a different galaxy.

Used by industry leaders, this tool is now made available for you to visualize your modeling output, hyperscale your optimizations, integrate existing commercial grade solvers, and run thousands of simulations and optimizations concurrently to define the strengths and weaknesses in your supply chain infrastructure. Ready to get started? We’re here to help.


Leverage the expertise of your peer group and colleagues by collaborating on a single model, or share your models in OptiDrive and pull in the experts at Optilogic to add to the discussion and build custom solutions for your needs.

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Build high-fidelity models from scratch or access the vast model library, built by the team at Optilogic. Our design studio software is fully cloud-based, so you can solve the largest optimization problems from anywhere, at any time.

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Deploy applications 5x faster than the average solver. Atlas users can deploy applications quickly and easily using our rich APIs and demo apps that can integrate with existing tech like Excel, PowerBI, and Tableau.

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Scale your optimizations with just one click! Because of Optilogic’s native cloud design, you can run thousands of models at the same time without any load on your machine.

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