Leverage the fastest MIP solver on the market

When a smooth IDE teams up with the fastest commercial cloud solver, we call that a win for everyone. Optilogic has partnered with Gurobi to offer an end-to-end solution for modeling, optimization, and deployment.

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Affordability meets Flexibility and Excellence.

Gone are the days of breaking the bank to create a state-of-the-art optimization infrastructure. Access to Gurobi allows Optilogic users to efficiently model and optimize from anywhere at any time.

Pairing a revolutionary cloud-based modeling studio with the best-in-class solver

For the first time in optimization history, we’re giving people the opportunity to access the best MIP solver on the market through a full cloud IDE and studio. That means being able to seamlessly model and optimize from wherever you are, on whatever machine you chose.

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Making a powerful solver accessible for your everyday modeler

From licensing fees and setup to solving fees, acquiring good optimization technology will run up a hefty tab. We’ve made it our ethos to make optimization technology more affordable by charging nothing for setup and keeping solve hours economical. So whether you’re an independent consultant, a student, or work for a Fortune 500 - we’re here for you.

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How We Help You

Easy to Use Interface

Complete with an extensive model library, easily create and collaborate on Python based models. Once you’re ready, send them off to optimize with a simple command.

Greater Decision Making

Benchmarks consistently show that Gurobi outperforms competing commercial solvers as models get larger and more complicated. Have the confidence that you’re making better decisions with the results your model generates.

Greater Community

Optimization is a delicate science that many people spend their career perfecting. Get in touch with experts across the world through our Community Portal to refine your optimization approach.

Seamless Integration

Put your model to use with readily available APIs

Powering applications with optimization and simulation no longer has to be a manual process that requires heavy custom configuration. With Optilogic's built-in APIs, seamlessly embed scalable models into any application.

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